Inspiring Leadership Meetings & Gatherings: Meeting Sir Richard Branson

WOW what a blast to personally meet and chat with Richard – a true visionary, with a zesty courage and humour to do what most would only dream of! Extraordinary! 

Listening to him speak about his many adventures, you would be struggling to hold back the tears of laughter and the sheer surprise of ‘he did what…?’, and ‘um, how did he do that and survive?’… The stories were many and the room was a buzz… In amongst it all was loads of insight into putting people first in business, conservation, the future of the planet, new business ventures, entrepreneurship, taking risks and the list goes on… What a brilliant event! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be there!

Afterwards I was on a real high, which also got me thinking… and soul searching…

Who is your inspiration?

What makes a great leader?

Who is doing business for good and speaks from the heart?

What sort of a leader would genuinely care about collective gain and long-term sustainability?

What is purpose and passion?

Can you succeed based on a philosophy of kindness?

Who is taking REAL action and not just mincing words?

Is trust the glue that binds people together?

Will people be harsh on me if I am successful, and if I want to live life differently?

Doubt and fear is what has always held me back, and the ingrained belief of ‘no pain, no gain’. Well that’s just garbage, the old record playing. Its time to change the record, stream the music and turn up the volume. Lets run with ‘feel the fear, and do it anyway!’

… it’s time to be BOLD, see you on the flip side!