International Women’s Day at Australia Zoo

It was such a pleasure to meet with the Irwins at the 2020 IWD breakfast. What a friendly family!

The lavish morning in the atmospheric Crocoseum (inside Australia Zoo) was centered around the theme ‘An equal world, is an enabled world’ which generated some very interesting topics of conversation. The speakers were brilliant, and by the end of it the room was electric as we sang our hearts out to ‘This Is Me’ by Keala Settle (musical instruments and all!).

Here is a mere glimpse into some of the ‘take-home’ messages:

Terri Irwin – ‘Behind every great woman, is a great man’, ‘Don’t look outside of yourself for the leader’, ‘Make your mark’

Bindi Irwin – ‘our voice and actions becomes our legacy – we are all in this together’

Robert Irwin – appreciated that his mother always had time for him and his sister (invaluable!)

Dr Ludo (Veterinarian, Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital) – Her extraordinary mum, and ‘education is the key that opens our eyes to the indispensable natural world and its wildlife’

Debbie Platz (President of the Australasian Council of Women and Policing and Australian Federal Police Assistant Commissioner) – ‘What you walk past is what you accept’, ‘What I do as a leader effects everyone else’, ‘Just because it is, doesn’t mean it should be’, ‘Don’t be afraid to show emotion’

A definite highlight was the animal encounter attendees, which included a very social blue tongue lizard, cuddly koala, python and a personality-plus sulphur-crested cockatoo. We were all keen to meet them for a pat or cuddle! 

Blended into the theme of the day was a subtle message of kindness, and creating a more harmonious and sustainable planet for us all. The Irwins really have succeeded in creating an inspiring, world-class educational experience with Australia Zoo – its always such a delight to visit, and to see the animals being cared for so passionately.

The function was presented by Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors.

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