Earth Hour – Unplugging

Switch off the lights, unplug, quieten the mind and surrender to peacefulness – a time to reflect on our footprint on Planet Earth and the abundance it offers us on a daily basis. We really do have so much to be grateful for.

The underlying theme for this Earth Hour was natures link to business…

‘All businesses depend on nature. The planet provides our societies with all the things we need for free: clean air and water, food, soil, a stable climate, productive seas.

But the global loss of nature is making the planet less stable and is already costing our economies trillions of dollars every year.

Experts say we have to make drastic changes to avoid catastrophic changes to our planet. But it can be done if we reimagine ‘business as usual’.1’

Please watch this very powerful film:

Please show your support and have fun by getting involved!

Photo Credits: Earth Hour, WWF, & PEXELS