Carnaby x Project Zero: Carnaby St, SOHO, London

I was lucky enough to be visiting London in November 2019, when I stumbled upon an inspiring Christmas Art Installation in one of my fave areas of town – Carnaby Street, Soho. A myriad of colourful ocean creatures were suspended high in the air razzling and dazzling the crowds! What a theatrical treat!

The installation was a joint effort between the ocean conservation charity called Project Zero and Carnaby Street (and it’s immediate neighbourhood) to raise awareness of the message ‘One Ocean One Planet’. During this time Project Zero also launched its ‘Blue Turtle’ project – which ‘allows consumers to know which restaurants and cafes have taken action to help protect the ocean. Recipients of The Blue Turtle mark have eliminated avoidable single-use plastics, reduced waste and source only sustainable seafood’

Every component of the art-pieces were carefully chosen and made from recycled, repurposed or reusable materials, including fishing nets and eco-friendly vegan paint. Even the electricity to power the evening light installation was 100% renewably sourced. The attention to detail was clear and the heartfelt message couldn’t have been stronger as you wandered amongst the floating kelp forest, coral gardens, bubbles, pearls, schools of fish, swarms of jellyfish, angler fish, whale, dolphin, sea horse and crab.

Donations were also collected with all proceeds going to Project Zero.

It’s reassuring to see how many high profile celebs are taking action and are ambassadors with Project Zero.

Thank you Carnaby St and Project Zero for a sensational exhibition! Check out more details here:


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