Inspiring Leadership Meetings & Gatherings: A function with Sir David Attenborough

Reflecting back on a memory from October 8 2014:

Being in the presence of Sir David Attenborough (often dubbed ‘Father Nature’), had long been high up on my bucket list after a childhood of admiring his documentaries and falling in love with the amazing creatures and wild places he so well captured. I was thrilled to finally see him on stage!

Hosted and interviewed by Australian Journalist Ray Martin, David took us on a journey through time and reflected on some of the most unique wild places and touching animal encounters he had seen and had. Accompanied with brilliant photos and rarely seen videos he explained why the natural world was so incredibly special and shared visions for us as a collective species to improve and re-balance planet Earth.

His humble, gentle approach whilst keeping the many documentaries very real and grounded (without the hype and overdramatic theatre) were such a winning medium to awaken our understanding of a world beyond ‘us’ (humans), and / vs ‘them’ (nature and animals). To open our eyes up to a much more beautiful world of ‘together’, compassion and longer-term sustainability. One that is totally achievable, if only we try harder. Thankfully nature is forgiving in so many ways, and can bounce back and heal if we only give her a chance. There is still hope…

Thank you for bringing the natural world into our living rooms, our minds and our hearts! 

Here are some of my favourite links, check them out:

Credit: The property of BBC
Great Barrier Reef by David Attenborough
It’s simple. Sir David Attenborough explains how humans can take charge of our future and save our planet

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