Inspiring Leadership Meetings & Gatherings: Seaspiracy, Dr Sylvia Earle and Maximiliano Bello

Loved being part of a meeting with Ali and Lucy Tabrizi (the creators of Seaspiracy along with Kip Andersen), Dr Sylvia Earle and Maximiliano Bello to hear what they discovered and know about the international fishing industry. Simply gob-smacking to hear some of their stories about what is actually going on beyond the horizon out in the deep blue ‘High Seas’ where little monitoring occurs and how critical the situation is. We often think of the Oceans as these mighty wild places with sky-scraper sized waves that cannot be tamed, but when you look below the surface there is a wonderland of biodiversity beyond our imagination that is delicate and vital to life on Earth.

When we eat a plate of seafood little do we realise about the journey of how it got there and how our simple choices are shaping the Oceans. Nor the scale of Supertrawlers, illegal fish markets and trade, lack of enforcement of protection, what protected areas mean and so forth… there is still much that needs to be brought to our attention and decisions to be made to improve and appreciate what we actually have before its too late… 

Some key points that were made:

• By 2050 90% of fish stocks could be collapsed if we continue the practices of today

• Don’t just value the Ocean based on what we can extract from it, dump in it and transport on it

• The Oceans have more living organisms in it compared to on land

•A healthy Ocean is vital in Carbon Cycle, Nitrogen Cycle, weather, food and so much more

• How can we treat animals with such difference when we should know better… practice empathy, compassion, respect, dignity and think about the future of sustainability ahead

• Let’s try to move towards more truth

Let’s aim to protect 30% of the Oceans by 2030!

Please take the time to check out this ground breaking documentary and supporting this amazing cause to create positive change!


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