What is YOUR inspiration?

Inspiration is ‘the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative1

By taking a moment to stop and allow yourself to become inspired we feel contented and an overwhelming sense of inner happiness. Appreciating the basic fundamentals of life can re-ground and re-boot us in bountiful ways!

So what inspires YOU? Write them down…

Mine are:

• Being in nature – whether it’s bobbing away in the ocean, walking on a sandy beach bare foot or simply surrendering to sleep under a shady tree

• Travelling and meeting the real people – I like checking out tourist spots but love even more meeting the genuine people of a country by striking up random conversations and going off the beaten track. Some of the most memorable meetings have crossed the boundaries of language to forms of pictures and mime 

• Expression and art – Let your inner creative flourish and take to a canvass, sewing machine, sketch book, dance, sing etc

• Children and animals – The raw honesty and vibrancy is captivating!

• Storytelling – hearing the journeys people have been through and the thoughts they have – I have learnt to never judge a book by it’s cover as everyone is so unique

• People making positive change! – Action people who are moving the world into a better sustainable, positive and energized direction – Va va voom!


 1 Oxford Languages

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