Earth Hour – Unplugging

Switch off the lights, unplug, quieten the mind and surrender to peacefulness – a time to reflect on our footprint on Planet Earth and the abundance it offers us on a daily basis. We really do have so much to be grateful for. The underlying theme for this Earth Hour was natures link to business…Continue reading “Earth Hour – Unplugging”

What is YOUR inspiration?

Inspiration is ‘the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative1’ By taking a moment to stop and allow yourself to become inspired we feel contented and an overwhelming sense of inner happiness. Appreciating the basic fundamentals of life can re-ground and re-boot us in bountiful ways! SoContinue reading “What is YOUR inspiration?”

Inspiring Leadership Meetings & Gatherings: A conference with Al Gore

By far the most fascinating conference I’ve ever attended… The Climate Reality Project was mind-blowing and much more concentrated than I had expected! By the end of the 3-day event my mind was bursting with facts, knowledge, science, meeting new people, inspiration, motivation, emotion and becoming part of a larger network of positive ‘doing’ people.Continue reading “Inspiring Leadership Meetings & Gatherings: A conference with Al Gore”

Earth Hour… Lights off!

Earth Hour was a wonderful opportunity to switch off, tap into the wonderful soiree being streamed on the phone and light some candles. Aaaahhhh a time to relax and reflect on what ‘switching off’ meant to everyone in their own way. Whether it was turning all the lights and electrical items off, or only someContinue reading “Earth Hour… Lights off!”

Inspiring Leadership Meetings & Gatherings: A function with Sir David Attenborough

Reflecting back on a memory from October 8 2014: Being in the presence of Sir David Attenborough (often dubbed ‘Father Nature’), had long been high up on my bucket list after a childhood of admiring his documentaries and falling in love with the amazing creatures and wild places he so well captured. I was thrilledContinue reading “Inspiring Leadership Meetings & Gatherings: A function with Sir David Attenborough”

Inspiring Leadership Meetings & Gatherings: Meeting Sir Richard Branson

WOW what a blast to personally meet and chat with Richard – a true visionary, with a zesty courage and humour to do what most would only dream of! Extraordinary!  Listening to him speak about his many adventures, you would be struggling to hold back the tears of laughter and the sheer surprise of ‘heContinue reading “Inspiring Leadership Meetings & Gatherings: Meeting Sir Richard Branson”