Hi I’m Viveca Sawers (but please just call me Viv), and I am the visionary optimist and founder of The Ideas Manifestor. It is a creation that has been bubbling away for some time… and now the stars have aligned, the time is right and so here it is! I’m so excited to finally share it with you, hit the ground running and create positive change in the world!

A bit about The Ideas Manifestor…

A spark of excitement, a flurry of ideas and an overwhelming and unrelenting (but positive) sense of urgency over a period of years has resulted in the creation of this exciting business venture! Get ready for something different, something that is re-shaping how we look at business and society. Doing things for good, with good intentions!

We are currently implementing / manifesting / generating fresh ideas and transforming those into collaborative projects on community, national and international levels by uniting with inspiring leaders and businesses. Our core is all about heart, do-ing (taking action), experiencing first-hand and education to create positive change in the world.

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Who said you had to be a mean business person to truly succeed? And what is success anyway? If it’s just based on money then that’s a pretty shallow perspective. I mean earning big money, and doing well of course can be a great thing and should be celebrated, but not at the cost of everything / so much else.

So let’s look at how we can flip this, and create some really amazing opportunities with loads of benefits. Check out our ‘PROJECTS’ page for our current and top secret works in progress. There are more sprouting all the time…

The Ideas Manifestor is the ideas engine which also draws in expertise from various fields, depending on project needs, and teams up with inspiring leaders and decision makers to fund, launch and maintain these ‘projects’. Whether a small community project or an international project, we are excited be be part of the action!

A bit about me…

…Ok so here goes. I am normally a very private person who thinks till they think they must be going crazy, then I think some more. I am a head-heavy dreamer who likes to problem solve and look at the world through positive eyes but also take professional action. Everywhere I see a challenge I see solutions. They are often so simple that they easily get missed… like a subtle sweet smell in the breeze. One moment it is there, and in the next it’s gone… That’s why you always need to be equipped with your trusty note book (or smart phone)!

So I’m an Australian (and half Swedish), who has grown up primarily in Queensland. I have moved a lot, from the remote Aussie bush with no tv in a rammed-earth masterpiece my parents built, to culturally rich Sweden with stunning seasons, to The Great Barrier Reef (where I fell in love with scuba diving!) and all sorts of places in-between. Now I permanently reside in Brisbane, but you just never know where your heart takes you next…

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I have traveled widely, starting my globe trotting at 1 year old. My family were always off for new adventures such as remote parts of Kashmir, and when I was 18 I set off alone and traveled through Europe on the smell of an oily rag. It was an amazing experience, and I really learnt to trust my instincts and embrace the excitement and freedom travel had to offer. I was hooked! Many journeys then followed…

I went on to study Architecture and Interior Design at University, and enjoyed a variety-packed career in Interior Design for nearly 20 years. It allowed me to work throughout Australia, Asia and Europe on everything from 7-star hotels (with no budgets!), high end residences, cruise ships to hospitals, commercial and retail projects etc. But it wasn’t me. It never was. I was always the square peg, trying to fit into a round hole and always wondering why I just didn’t fit in.

With all the events happening in the world, a light bulb went off in my head, it all just started to make sense. I reflected back on my childhood of ideas / invention filled notebooks piled up, tattered, well loved, half-filled and new ones always being started. My heart was happy and my face was smiling. This was the real me!

3 favourite things

1. Spontaneous adventures with my family and doing something new!

2. Inspiring people and making them laugh, even if it means making fun of myself

3. Fresh raspberries (organic) the way mother nature intended

Describe yourself in 15 words

Optimistic, fun-loving, ideas-enriched, solution-focused, free spirited professional island hopper and planet lover!

What do you think would improve the world in a BIG way?

Our perspective. If we all approached the challenges of the world with a caring and sustainable attitude the Planet would be a different place indeed… and WOW wouldn’t it be amazing! Just think about it…

I can see it, can YOU?

3 random facts

1. If you had another career choice what would it be? A Sea Plane pilot or coral reef farmer

2. Two items on your bucket list: Go sailing to a tropical destination to adventure about and get lost for a while and learn indigenous bush medicine

3. Something no-one knows about you: I want to resume learning Latin Dancing!