Edge Early Learning Childcare Animal Bushfire Fundraiser Project

Launch Date: December 2019! Project Completed

Description: A wonderful collaboration with another parent, Edge Early Learning Childcare, the Children, our local member Jonathan Sri, Paten Park Native Nursery, SOWN Nursery and Australia Zoo brought about a win, win, win, win outcome: 1. A variety of animals were helped by monies raised; 2. The children (and their families / carers) plus team members and all involved were able to experience, learn and be part of something bigger that showed together we can make meaningful change and show compassion; 3. Edge were able to create a positive atmosphere, show initiative, enthusiasm and support for a good cause plus a marketing opportunity; and 4. Australia Zoo were supportive, excited and made the experience more impactful! Thank you to all!

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Children’s Meditations and Conservation Education

Launch Date: December 2020! We are live

Description: We are collaborating with Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master Julie Franzini from Grounded on a children’s project rolling out an ongoing series of meditations. The focus is on relaxation and sleep whilst adventuring through and forming a connection with the natural world.

The artwork has been created together with one of her grandchildren and is his interpretation of the meditation experience.

The first four meditations have been released and can be found on all the major music streaming sites such as SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and more.

A limited edition CD and USB is available for purchase from Grounded.


We recommend you listen to the add-free meditations for the best experience, however the free versions are available in the links below – just click on the picture – enjoy!

At the Great Barrier Reef on Lady Elliot Island
Up the Mountain and Back
The Outback and Uluru
Off to the Beach

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