Earth Hour… Lights off!

Earth Hour was a wonderful opportunity to switch off, tap into the wonderful soiree being streamed on the phone and light some candles. Aaaahhhh a time to relax and reflect on what ‘switching off’ meant to everyone in their own way. Whether it was turning all the lights and electrical items off, or only some and basking in the chill of time out.

With over 32,000 people plus prominent businesses, schools etc across the world participating it was energizing for The Ideas Manifestor to be part of such a mind-altering cause. The intention being simply to re-think our energy usage and how we are impacting the planet. If we just turn off some of the electrical devices, or switch to better options how we could really improve our footprint.

The live stream line-up included musicians, comedians, conservation groups who shared their messages, entertainment and videos. They included:

Montaigne, Bobby Alu, Jack River, Polish Club, Akmal, Georgie Carroll, The Stevenson Experience, Taz the Dog, Cody Simpson, Ella Haber, Dulcie, Alice Skye, DJ Danny Clayton and more…

Are you joining in next year? Keep an eye on the website for 2021 Registrations for individuals, schools and businesses:

Check out the website:

Photo Credits: Earth Hour, WWF & PEXELS XXX

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