The heat is on! So let’s chill it down… Cooling the Earth

As most of us know, the Earth is heating at an unusual rate due to various reasons. It is really starting to cause havoc in our wild areas, with the Arctic and Antarctic being most effected at this stage. The polar regions, due to magnetic, wind and ocean currents (and other factors) are heating at a faster rate than others. If you take a look at the worlds currents, you will be surprised to see them now making very unusual wobbly shapes which is subsequently causing out-of-the-ordinary cold and hot snaps in various parts of the world. Who can remember the extreme heat and unprecedented forest fires in Europe in 2019?

Seymour Island off Antarctica recently recorded a temperature of 20.75 °C on 9 February 2020, setting a new record high for the continent. For a region covered in ice, this is not good news and the mass-melt event is now on.

So we can choose to ignore and disbelieve the science and continue life as ‘normal’ (that’s the easy option), live in fear or take some proactive action. I choose proactive action for sure! So in action, we need to find solutions and us humans are good at problem solving right?!

There are a number of organisations, research groups and countries taking the lead in addressing this imminent issue and are investing in finding solutions. On my quest in researching this concern, I stumbled upon a brilliant invention by a young lady Maria Yzabell Angel Palma (also known as Yza) from the Philippines. She was 19, in 2016 when she ‘accidentally’ came up with a new-age air conditioning invention, now named “AirDisc”. Without going into too much detail, it uses air with moisture in it rather than toxic chemical coolant and operates at 10% of the energy consumption of existing systems. In the early prototypes it wasn’t so efficient but successful re-designs has now yielded a wonderful -12°C. This is brilliant! Partnered with a green (and cooler temperature generated) electricity (wind, solar, water etc) this would create the perfect recipe to build on mass-scale ‘cooling plants’ all around the world. They could be positioned in relatively uninhabited areas, or in smaller scale on building rooftops etc. Hey, they could even be incorporated into car rooftops if we really want to ramp it up. The application is endless and it could well be part of the solution we need so urgently to reduce the heat load.

Please also refer to the Post on Creating Power – Current Green Power Options! as well as Creating Power – Emerging Green Power Options! Some fascinating ways we can generate power that will shift your thoughts beyond what we already use…

So let’s be the solution, and take the twentieth century by the horns! Check out some fantastic initiatives here including many other air conditioning inventions:

AirDisc and Yza have now won a phenominal amount of prestigeous international awards, and production plans are ramping up which is exciting!



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